2021 Rhododendron Show Page

I am afraid that due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, the SRS show has again been cancelled. So like last year and again just for fun we have decided to have another virtual show / photographic show. Please send any images you would like posted to this email mailto:postmaster@scottishrhododendronsociety.org.uk and we will do our best to display them on the website. The SRS has the right to decide not to display some pictures. We may decide to present some certificates depending on how it goes. All entries must be in and on display before 21st June or there abouts. This allows plenty of time for species and hybrids. The classes will be simply entered according to colour. Garden wildlife also now accepted.

Red & pink Rhododendrons

White, cream & light pink Rhododendrons

Blue, purple & Mauve Rhododendrons

Yellow & orange Rhododendrons

Other Rhododendron features


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Any companion plant shrub or tree

Garden wildlife

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