Matt Heasman – SRS Vice-President

As well as member of the Show committee, Matt handles the SRS technical department. 

Matt and Diane live in the East Kilbride area in the Central Belt here in Scotland, has a small garden where he has many good dwarf rhododendrons and grows Meconopsis as well. Nobody can remember when Matt joined the SRS, but he was in short pants so it’s a while ago (Aut 1988). He has been on the committee for over thirty years and is has the ARS Bronze medal for his services to the Society and the World of Rhododendrons.

Matt is one of our “go to” experts on Species Rhododendrons, you will see him at our shows advising new members where sprays and trusses should be exhibited. Matt has travelled to Bhutan (Glendoick still have MH plants of rhododendron kesangiae) and to Arunachal Pradesh.

Matt is also Garden Manager at the RSCG partnership at Baravalla, on the West Coast.