Executives and Committee

The committee is made up entirely of volunteers dedicating their own time and effort towards running the SRS.

The SRS would also not be possible without many of our long-standing members and volunteers that help set up the show, look after plant stalls and information desks and contribute in many other ways.

“We are always looking for more assistance so if you can help in any way or are interested in becoming a member or would like to be on the committee then please get in touch.”

For MEMBERSHIP enquiries e-mail us at:  membership@scottishrhododendronsociety.org.uk
For GENERAL enquiries e-mail us at:  enquiries@scottishrhododendronsociety.org.uk

William Campbell

Bob Mitchell

Peter Cox MBE

Katrina Clow

Matt Heasman

Dr. David Chamberlain

John Hammond

Colin Whitehead

Helen Kessell

John Roy

Matt Heasman

Marion Kinns

Philip Rankin


Bryony White


William Campbell

Grant Moir

Philip Rankin, John Roy, Ian Sinclair

Ian Douglas

Annette Treble