Executives and Committee

Meet the committee

Our Office Bearers are:

President: William Campbell
Vice President: Bob Mitchell
Hon. Vice Presidents: Matt Heasman
Past President: John Hammond
Hon. Secretary: Katrina Clow
Treasurer: Colin Whitehead
Tours & Visits Manager: David Starck

Other Committee Members:

Hon. Publications Editor: John Roy
Publications Manager: Vacant
Shows Manager: Matt Heasman
Membership Secretary: Helen Kessell
Technical Director: Marion Kinns
Seed Exchange Manager & Education Co-ordinator:  William Campbell
Tours & Meetings Co-ordinator: Gloria Starck
Advertising Manager: Philip Rankin
Archivist: Vacant

For MEMBERSHIP enquiries e-mail us at:  membership@scottishrhododendronsociety.org.uk
For GENERAL enquiries e-mail us at:  enquiries@scottishrhododendronsociety.org.uk