# 2021 News

We are sorry to say the 2021 annual show has been been cancelled.

The 2021 AGM will be a Zoom meeting this year and details have been circulated.

Because of the success of last years “Virtual” Scotland’s Annual National Rhododendron we have decided to continue this photographic page for fun again. So please take a look and join in it’s simple to exhibit and view. (last Years)

New video section with general garden and event videos: SRS Videos

Due to the continuing Covid_19 pandemic the 2021 Yearbook distribution may be disturbed, thanks for your patience. It will be worth it.

Yearbook No. 21 is still online for all to see (without being a member). We hope you enjoy the read and perhaps learn something about these wonderful shrubs. Click here to read.

Please also not that various dates and meeting are mentioned within the publication. The majority have been cancelled, but it would be best to check out with the organisation before travelling to any events.

We also have a great Facebook page that has had some fantastic comments, advice, and pictures over the year, so please try and join in there.


Welcome to the Scottish Rhododendron Society

The SRS was set up over 33 years ago to promote a wider interest in the genus Rhododendron (Rhododendron ponticum Statement). We are a Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society.

This is a vast genus of woody plants with possibly a thousand species and still more being discovered. The geographic range and variety of habitat-from tropical to alpine, the size, from small leaved shrubs to forest trees, the varieties of bark, foliage and flowers make this group of plants an  immense subject for study. Rhododendrons generate great passion and enthusiasm in those who seek to find new species, identify and conserve existing ones or simply grow and propagate them.

There are many specialists in our society but the majority are keen amateur growers with an interest in all types of plants

Every garden, even the smallest, can house a few rhododendrons and SRS can introduce you to the delight of growing this beautiful group of plants in the company of other like minded gardeners .

We hold seminars, study days and tours of gardens seldom open to the general public. Events page

The Society organises an annual show at the end of April where competitors show their best blooms from every rhododendron section, including species and hybrids. Anyone may enter and a novice cup is awarded to the first time exhibitor who wins this class. A visit to the show will provide an excellent introduction to our society and you will receive a warm welcome.


Find the SRS on Facebook Facebook scottish rhododendron society