Gallery of Flowering Times

This gallery belongs to the SRS community. The images have been gathered, with kind permission, from posts on our Facebook page, from private posts in the rhododendron community and people sending in their pictures. The response has been overwhelming and I had no idea so many Rhododendrons flowered this early. Keep contributing your pictures and we will build up a complete picture of what flowers outdoors at what time of the year. Please note that flowering times vary across Scotland and some of the pictures are from our friends abroad. Svein Eric Tonnesen has provided picture from Norway where Winter temperatures can drop down to -15c.

Images should not be reproduced without permission from whom they are credited. Flower colours may not always show true.

February Flowering Rhododendrons 2024

The rhododendron with most posts this February was R.’Christmas Cheer’. A very hardy hybrid performing well with a mild start to the year.

Early March Flowering Rhododendrons 2024

Mid/Late March Flowering Rhododendrons 2024