Grant Moir – Website & Media Coordinator

I studied horticulture at SAC Auchincruive, have done some nursery work, a bit of self-employed gardening, and worked under the wing of several head gardeners, each with their own methods of getting the job done.

I am now a head gardener myself looking after a Rhododendron collection at Westerhall in the South of Scotland. Conditions can be harsh on Rhododendrons here with late Spring frosts and cold clay soil amongst other problems. I am originally from the West coast and I do miss the range of plants that can be grown under the protection of the gulf stream but I don’t miss the midgies.

I am very practically minded and enjoy being creative. Learning to recognise one rhododendron from another has always been a challenge for me but I am picking up tips all the time. I have been a member of the SRS for quite a few years and meeting people in the group gave me the opportunity to go on a plant exploring trip to Yunnan. It’s the biggest adventure I’ve ever been on and I gained so much experience from going on such a trip.

I joined the SRS committee in 2023 and quickly realised developing the website would be a good chance to get creative. It keeps me busy through the Winter months with learning computer skills and designing the website.

Grant Moir,