Advantages of Membership


Twice yearly we publish a Review which is designed to keep you up to date with what is going on in the society, but also contains interesting articles on cultivation, members gardens, and visits.


Our yearbook is full of more in depth articles about our favourite plants, both rhododendrons, and so called “companion plants”. Several articles have appeared describing plant hunting expeditions to rhododendron rich areas of the world.

Annual Flower Show

The annual show is staged on a weekend, either at the end of April, or the beginning of May.

It has been held at various venues around Scotland, but for the next few years we hope to be able to be back in Oban on Scotland’s rhododendron rich west coast.

It is a great chance to get to know other plant lovers, either from the society, or the general public who come to view the spectacle.

Garden Visits

Twice yearly we organise garden visits. These can be to any area in the UK or Republic of Ireland. In the past few years we have enjoyed visits to Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, and Southern England, as well as various areas of Scotland. The best time for garden visits is during flowering season, but that does not stop us having enjoyable meetings in the autumn, when the visits are often combined with educational aspects, at places like the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. These meetings give us much help in cultivation, pests and diseases, and often include a “hands on” session at something like taking cuttings.

American Rhododendron Society Journal

If you elect to subscribe to the American Rhododendron Society as well, you will receive quarterly editions of the ARS journal. This is a colour magazine full of garden descriptions, cultivation hints, and in depth articles from around the world.

Seed Exchange

We run a seed exchange not only for rhododendrons but also our favourite companion plants. Joining the ARS gives you access to their seed exchange also.

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